James Bond Gunbarrel Sequences - Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig.

“If you gotta force it, just leave it alone. Relationships, friendships, ponytails.. Just leave it.” — Reyna Biddy (via itsryannwithtwons)

At sonic boom today Stars talked about continuing to support artists. I couldn’t agree more. Music saves lives. It saved my life. And they can’t do that without the support. So that’s exactly what us fans have to do.


the fun thing about binge watching Parks and Rec is you get to fall in love with Adam Scott and Chris Pratt simultaneously

“We raise our kids on this shit. You paid your money to come here, and you’re of a dying breed. Keep on doing it, because art saves lives! Am I right?” — The Stars


"Just evidence, that’s all."

Funny Scenes [#4] 05x10 - The Goop on the Girl.

"She does not really fall in love with Knightley, as Elizabeth Bennet does with Darcy. There is not a moment in Emma when she is not already in love with him. She thinks of him constantly and is always testing her own judgments and perceptions against his.” - Peter J. Leithart

Joanna Sotomura giving out inspirational advice that everyone needs.

Have I no chance of succeeding? My dearest,Emma….






The moment you look at him and he feels right. 

that’s peter capaldi enjoying his dream role


reblogging every time

never not reblog when his hands met the TARDIS for the first time


When people hug me without asking